Saturday, January 5, 2013

Must Reads

Ezra Klein: Calm down, liberals. The White House won.

Justin Rosario: Fox News: Fiscal Cliff Vote Like Lead Up To Revolutionary War

Bob Cesca: In Spite of Reality, Liberals Claim Obama “Caved” on the Fiscal Cliff

Shauna Theel: 10 Dumbest Things Fox Said About Climate Change In 2012

Eric Boehlert: How Fox News Screwed the GOP

Andy Borowitz: Republicans Apologize To Top 1.5 Per Cent

Bloomberg News Editorial: Budget Deal Offers Silver-Lining Playbook for Next Round

Michael Tomasky: Dear Liberals: Stop Complaining

Tim Murphy: Republicans Have a Habit of Blocking Disaster Relief for Americans

Dana  Milbank: Defined by a Sandy sidestep

New York Times Editorial: Al Jazeera In America

The Rude Pundit: Fiscal Cliff-Leaping: The Hopeful Politics of Capitulation

Charles Pierce: The Passion of The Boehner

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