Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Morning Joe Sucks Balls

Here it is, the puppets repeating the right wing talking points in discussing McCain's new ad ripping Obama for not visiting the troops that he was told not to visit by the Pentagon. Good ol' reliable Joe Scarborough took a back seat and lobbed softball questions to intrepid pundit, Pat Buchanan.

Scar (paraphrase): And you know if McCain had been told by the Pentagon that he wasn't allowed to visit the troops he would've asked, "What's your name, rank and serial number because you're fired." And the other guy that's not Joe, we'll call him Scooter, said "Yeah, McCain would've said, 'Rules be damned. I'm going to visit those troops.'

But I guess we'll never be able to test that, will we guys?

Here's what Morning Joe looked like to me this lovely Monday morning.

Joe, Pat and Not Joe.

What a trio of pathetic clowns.

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