Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Takes Michigan; Dem Debate Docile

Okay, just quick one before hitting the sack.

Mitt Romney wins in Michigan, where he was born and raised; where his dad was Governor. If he hadn't won there, where could he have won? A loss in Michigan would have sent the Mittmobile to the garage for good. So, in three primaries on the GOP side there have been three different winners... and none of them were Rudy. Mr. 9/11 got 3% of the vote coming in sixth. Ron Paul got double the support. Jeebus, even Fred Thompson beat Ghouliani!

Does it say anything about Clinton's electability that she got 55% of the vote in a state primary where she was the only "major" candidate on the ballot? 40% voted "uncommitted." Not that it mattered anyway in terms of delegates won (zero) because Obama and Edwards withdrew their names at the request of the national Democratic Party, which penalized Michigan with the loss of its convention delegates because the early date of its primary violated party rules.

As far as the Democratic debate in Las Vegas went, it was docile. No stupid questions from the moderators. Only twice did candidates challenge one another on possible misrepresentations of what they've said, how it was perceived, or how they've voted in the past. They all looked good. I'm still a little leery of Hillary only because until she proves otherwise, I still consider her part of the old establishment. But it was nice to see a calm, respectable, smart debate based on the issues. (Only one "who's ready to lead on Day One" soundbite from Hillary.)

Dennis Kucinich was not allowed to participate after all.

One day after a lower-court judge had threatened to block the debate from being broadcast if MSNBC did not provide a space on stage for Mr. Kucinich, the network won its appeal to the state Supreme Court.

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