Tuesday, March 6, 2007

McCain Campaign Falling Apart

Due to his early presidential run announcement and "wasted" lives comment on Letterman, falling behind to Rudy Giuliani AND MITT ROMNEY?, not appearing at the Conservative Political Action Conference and his constant support for the war in Iraq and George the Liar, John McCain's fledgling campaign may be over before it even begins.

McCain was supposed to announce much later in the year. Many of his staff were blindsided by his [Letterman] campaign announcement. " ...When you do that, and you're not prepared for it, the staff goes crazy. Some of his coordinators in different states were pulling their hair out!" And several aides were so outraged that they've quit, say Republican insiders.

"One of the top aides to the Republican leadership told me that McCain has lost so much support, he's simply beside himself. He's wringing his hands. Things are sinking fast—in two or three weeks, we'll know if there is any recovery."

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