Sunday, March 4, 2007


Yes, George the Liar's approval rating is now at 29%. That is a very sad number indeed. An even sadder number is 65%. Yes, 65% of Republicans still approve of the way our fearless liar is doing his job.

Are they blissfully ignorant? Are they that partisan that they refuse to see what is happening to this nation and the world with their own eyes? I cannot fathom the idea that ANYONE would look at the Chimp's handling of anything - Iraq, Iran, Katrina, Abu Ghraib, the Plame/CIA leaks... the English language - and find it in their "wisdom" to still think they approve of the Commander in Thief. Did the pollsters get a hold of an insane asylum patient list and start calling before they realized who they were polling?

Pollster: "Hello sir, do you currently approve of the job that President George Bush is doing?"

Patient: " Why, yes. Yes I believe the President is doing a wonderful job on all fronts. GET THESE SPIDERS OFF MY SKIN! STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!"

I only have one question for those 29% that still approve of the job that Bush is doing: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


Anonymous said...

They are all on medication(oxycotin)who cannot acceot reality

Armadillo Joe NYC said...

Matt Stoller over at MyDD wrote the following a few days ago:

The right-wing base is entirely unprincipled, subduing any concerns they might have over political issues to a sheer authoritarian impulse.

What they like about dipshit is that he projects strength and piety. Soldier of Christ, and all of that. Of course, we're all smart enough to know it's all a well stage-managed act, but these are people who think professional wrestling is real.

Even deeper and uglier than that, those on the right who do see through the act simply don't care. They know Cheney's running the show and they like it that way. They like that Cheney's a mendacious authoritarian thug because he's their mendacious authoritarian thug and they'd all be just like him, given half the chance.

I've frequently described the Rethuglican Party as a collection of The Stupid, The Deluded and The Corrupt. In other words, they're all either Kool-Aid drinkers or Kool-Aid mixers. No doubt about Cheney, but I'm not sure, actually, if Shrub is the former or the latter.

Paradoxically, I think he's probably a great deal of both.